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Jamie Woolford - A Framed Life In Charming Light GWR-002

With this release we wanted to make sure that every item in the store has a unique and limited feature to it ranging from handwritten lyrics for one of the songs from the album to limited edition posters for the album. Some of the cool additions to the releases, like the lyric sheets and posters are pretty obvious, while others might be a little more hidden.

Pressing Information

Vinyl is limited to 300 copies.
50 - 180 Gram Black
100 - Blue and White Marble Swirl 

150 - Candied Red


  1. Safe, Warm & Boring
  2. No Contact
  3. Julie
  4. She's On Fire
  5. The Miracle Mile
  6. A Framed Life In Charming Light
  7. Rock Beats Money
  8. A New Independence
  9. Death & Taxes
  10. This Isn't Goodbye
  11. Gravity
  12. Short Term Memory